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The effectiveness of teaching is ensured by a new approach - we teach Armenian as a foreign language. This is especially true for numerous representatives of the Diaspora who cannot master the material from the textbooks of their native language. The author of the technique is Aida Markosyan.
Unique technique
Understandable materials
We made the grammar of the Armenian language understandable: we created convenient practical materials, drew letters, made up electronic copybooks, and prepared a lot of useful information for you.
And it's all available online on our interactive platform.

Live communication
Conversational practice is the heart of the course. Each lesson you speak Armenian, learn new words, write Armenian texts. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in conversation clubs, where we discuss current topics, get to know each other, make new friends and just chat.
People learn Armenian because it is their native language, because they want to be involved in Armenia and their roots.
Three foundations of the course
The teacher works with you personally, according to the schedule that you choose. All you need to study is Internet access.
At a convenient time, in a convenient place
Why choose us
We will create a program based on your current level and focus on achieving your learning goals
Personal development trajectory
If you wish, you can continue studying with another teacher
Ability to replace a teacher
Homework in the online classroom. Access to recorded lessons
Interactive learning platform
Our enemy is assimilation!
Every year, tens of thousands of Armenians are assimilated and become an insignificant part of another country. Our goal is to involve every Armenian in building a better Armenia.

Experienced teachers

Don't waste your time, study with the best online Armenian language school! Selection and training of the teachers is our main expertise.
We've assembled a team of 214 enthusiasts, who have dedicated their lives to learning and teaching the Armenian language.

Don't waste your time, study with the best online Armenian language school!

in our school

average experience of the teachers
11 years
native speakers
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