Tumanyan.Online school represented in the final
start-up competition "Neruz 2.0"
The founder of our school, Hayk Hovakimyan, spoke about his participation in the startup competition for representatives of the Armenian diaspora "Neruzh"

"I am in UWC Dilijan, where the Nerug 2.0 contest is being held. You criticize Mkhitar Hayrapetyan in your own way, but he, being the Minister of Diaspora, initiated a very cool thing that definitely works: this is a startup competition for representatives of the Diaspora who can come, present your projects and receive funding from 15 to 30 thousand dollars.5 days pass, during which you communicate with very serious people in a very close, open environment, make connections, get a lot of useful advice on your project.Today was the second day and it seems too early to draw conclusions, but I will say this: I attended various conferences this year, so far I like Nerug most of all in terms of atmosphere, openness and organization.Maybe this is because the team from the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs and the Ministry of High-Tech Industry worked out great, maybe because we are on one of the best campuses in the world, which is located in Dilijan, by the way. why the very idea of bringing Armenians from everywhere, introducing them to modern Armenia and modern Armenians is brilliant. Most likely a combination of factors. Be sure to join next year! I represent the Armenian School here: Tumanyan.Online, and if we manage to attract funding, we will finally be able to give a worthy battle to assimilation. So wish me luck"
Our project has reached the final of the competition. Although we were not among the winners, this gave us the opportunity to find new friends and associates.
"I already feel like a winner because it was a very rewarding 5 days. So many acquaintances, so many ideas, so many Armenians from all over the world. If you don't apply next year, then just know what you are missing.
Several startups will win at once. It's true that everyone here is aiming for a billion dollars. And I just want to teach everyone Armenian Armenian" - Hayk Hovakimya wrote in his blog Repat Riarch
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