The Armenian Sunday School "Mashtots" continued to work remotely under quarantine conditions. Children take Armenian lessons at our school

The "Mashtots" school trains pupils of the Armenian community in the cities of Talinn and Tartu. Our talented children are taught the Armenian language, singing, dancing and drawing. Under quarantine conditions, it was decided not to interrupt the training, but to organize the process online.
The head of the school, Janna Shahbazyan, approached us with a proposal to organize Armenian language lessons for elementary school children. We gladly responded and jointly drew up a work plan, providing special conditions.
The Armenian Sunday School "Mashtots" was founded in 2008. The school teaches the Armenian language, introduces the culture and traditions of Armenia. Since the school is Sunday, the educational work is conducted in an informal atmosphere. Textbooks and teaching materials are delivered from Armenia.
Pupils celebrate Armenian holidays and participate in the activities of Armenian societies in Estonia, as well as actively participate in international youth projects. They showed excellent knowledge of the history and culture of Armenia at the "All-Armenian Olympiad in Language, History and Culture". The students also participated in the "Diaspora" summer school held in Armenia, organized by the Ministry of the Armenian Diaspora.
The school has a vocal ensemble "Dvin" under the direction of Janna Shahbazyan, which has become a laureate of many international vocal competitions.
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